Educational Manifesto

The Educational Heretic Manifesto
by Dante Lemieux 
Connor Wood
Winor Chen
Adam Bell

The public education system is severely flawed. They teach students what they will likely never use and the things that they should be taught such as problem solving are not taught because it is hard to put a grade on how well you problem solve. What is taught in schools relies on if it can be tested in a standardized test.

Students have been taught to never question what they are taught. Most of the students that do question end of questioning things but for the wrong reasons.

We are those who have doubted every word a teacher ever said. Those who stood apart, and watched our peer be brainwashed. Who bear the burden of social castigation, for the honor of standing proud.

We stand against the evils of indoctrination, as represented by the “orthodox” students. The orthodox are our enemies, while we try to save them. They are those who refuse to, who dare not to think for themselves.

Our Enemies and our response to them

We stand against those who are self-absorbed, brainwashed, lead against us by their “shepherds.” These shepherds are not men, but rather wolves. It is they who we try to free the orthodox from. Our enemies are defined by their materialistic, self-absorbed view of the world. For the orthodox and shepherds, mirrors are their only hope to escape from the terrors of thinking culture. For the orthodox, friends are not valued as individuals, but are looked towards as living mirrors. Through association, the orthodox give different friends different traits that they have been brainwashed into believing they posses. And those so-called-friends with whome the orthodox associate vices such as greed, selfishness, anger, and lack of emotion are the secret mirrors of what the orthodox don’t accept in themselves. To the orthodox, due to their brainwashing, the orthodox have no flaws. There are though, these so-called-friends, these “infidels” who the orthodox describe as full of vice, yet remain close to. Orthodox and infidels are mirrors of each other's worst vices. For infidels, the orthodox are infidels. But we are always heretics.  These orthodox are narcissistic, and choose to feed their self image with the failures of others. When others succeed, they do not feel the success of their peers, but the hate and envy which sprawls from the catacombs from within their emotions. They believe that intelligence is judged only by a small letter or percentage on assessments in the educational system, rather than one’s true understanding of the true principles behind what is to be learned. This, in it’s essence, is why they are so obedient to chow down everything to be taught before them in a class rather than question them. It is in their heart  to achieve good favor with their instructor, just for grades on a paper. They do whatever they can to achieve grades which they were taught to worship. To take advantage of an instructor not being impartial, to get a good grade. As heretics, we see both the orthodox and infidels as mirrors of ourselves. We accept, and celebrate our vices, so that we may know ourselves. That is the key to avoiding brainwashing. Brainwashing is the act of replacing ones knowledge of oneself with outward mirrors and virtues, so that one is perfect in ones own eyes, while behind a seat of vice in the eyes of the infidels. The mark of the heretic is the powerful urge to improve oneself, by thinking for yourself.

Our Friends

As heretics, we are not limited in friendships and relations with only heretics. Rather, we can establish relationships with all three groups without replacing ourselves with what they mirror. Overtime, we shift, or our friends shift, into groups of heretics though. For example, when I started middle school, I was an orthodox. Through the exploration of my own mind I regained myself, and established myself as a heretic. While this was happening, I shifted away from my mirrors and moved towards heretic “allies.” With them, I could develop my baby ideas into a fully mature philosophical system. What is nice about allies is they won’t always agree with you. Mirrors will agree to your face, but disagree behind your back, but allies will disagree to your face. This is another mark of a heretic. Take Connor and I. We don’t always agree, but are collaborating on this manifesto. As to my story, later, another friend shifted to become a heretic. We also had other converts join us from the ranks of the orthodox.

Our Motivations and Psychology

As heretics, we view to change the educational system in revolutionary ways. We wish to change the educational system to promote creativity, exploration, and true learning. We wish students to view education as a device for the latter; not a sick tool in which money is the ultimate goal. In today’s world, the youth are no longer competing in solely the U.S. We live in a global market, and if the education system here is not updated quickly, the youth of this country will not be able to compete. Thus, as heretics, to insure our future, we have learned to educate ourselves. In short, our motivation is ourselves. And through ourselves, it is the world.

If an orthodox is asked “Do you think you are a good person?” and “Are you a good person?” most of the time they won’t see the difference. Their world is themselves, or what they have been lead to believe. So the answer, to both, will probably be yes. A heretic will likely say yes to the first, but may hesitate on the second. While some truly are good people, they are rare. Our hesitation is key to understanding how we think.

Our main parting point from the orthodox is our style of rebellion. While theirs is an outright, aggressive denial of society, our rebellion is more passive-aggressive. Like John Galt. We believe, and know, ourselves to be beyond the normal realms of society. So we ignore it. It, though, cannot ignore us.

Through our education, which varies, but is united by self-learning, we pose a threat to society. By not becoming brainwashed, we expose the orthodox to contrary opinions. And in society, any dissent is suicide. We are social martyrs. We are shunned, and feared, because we try to help others break free of their bonds.

Our Goals

We have only one goal. The freedom of all from brainwashing. Our charges are the world. At times, we may seem to have abandoned you, at times, it may seem we hate you. But do not fear, at that point, for you, salvation is not far. Do not fear us though. Some will not be save, some cannot be saved. Those are those who are afraid of the raw world. We seek the understanding of the raw world.

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