Thursday, April 11, 2013

North Korea again

Well it seems North Korea is at it again, they once again have threatened the U.S. and South Korea. Not only that, there was a cyber attack on South Korea which is assumed to be from North Korea.

While it sounds obvious that North Korea is the one doing these cyber attacks it is not certain. Another possibility is that someone is trying to frame North Korea for the attacks. There are many people that may want to do this.  Though if I were to put money on it I would say North Korea was responsible.

North Korea recently warned that they could not insure the protection of the diplomats from other nations in North Korea in the event of a war. Along with the fact they withdrew workers from Kaesong and the fact they warned visitors to South Korea to be careful shows that they believe that scare tactics will work. Whether or not they will has yet to be seen.

While it is less likely it is always possible that a terrorist group may have been the ones responsible for the cyber attack.

Extremists in the Middle East may be the ones behind it, but because it has not been their style in the past to remain anonymous after an attack, I highly doubt they are the responsible party.The reason they would target South Korea is to make the U.S. retaliate against North Korea and have a war start between the U.S, her allies, and North Korea.

It could very well be a different terrorist group not originating in the Middle East. It may also be that it is a terrorist group that wants to hurt South Korea specifically and has no quarrel with the U.S. If I were to place money on  who was responsible I would say North Korea. With the continued threats coming almost daily, it is obvious they wish to at the very least make us afraid that they will attack the world.

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