Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gun control

The idea that people should be able to buy any gun they want is one of the worst ideas imaginable, but people should also be able to own some firearms. There is a happy middle ground but people seem to believe that either we should be able to own whatever gun we want or we shouldn't own any guns.

The argument that people make for no gun control is that guns don't kill people people kill people which is true but guns make it easier for people to kill people. Another argument used is that guns can protect people, but guns end up causing more deaths than they prevent.

People that are for gun control bring up the statistics showing countries with more regulations have fewer deaths caused by guns. Even though this is true people still should be able to own guns because if we make that argument it can be used on virtually anything. It just leads to the government taking away more of our liberties.

People should be able to own some guns but there has to be some regulations on it.

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