Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Women in the military

Very recently women were allowed to fight in some combat military positions. This is a step for true equality among the sexes in the U.S. The fact that women were not allowed to serve in combat roles shows just how sexist our country still is.

The idea that there is equality among the sexes in the U.S. is ridiculous. While women should be equal to men, they are not in the U.S. and it will take a while longer until they are. Women are often times not as paid as much as men simply because they are not men and only recently this has gotten media attention.

It is not just how women are paid or how they are not able to do certain jobs, it is also how they are treated on a more individual level. Many people find women to be delicate and think they are not up to the tasks that men are up to. It is true that some women can't do things men can, but there are also men who cannot do the tasks that the stereotypical man can. Going off that point there are things some men can't do that women can.

While it is not official government policy to have sexist laws, the fact that just now women are able to serve in combat positions in the military show just how sexist the U.S. still is.

The truth is that there are many differences between men and women, but neither men nor women should be treated differently just because they are a certain gender. People should be judged by the skills that they have and the skills that they lack, and not by if they are a certain gender or come from a different ethnic background.

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