Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pope resignation

This could be a very good thing for the Catholic religion, and not because Pope Benedict had his flaws, but because it sets a precedent for a pope to resign if they are unfit for duty for the church.

The reason that a pope has not resigned more recently is due to a combination of reasons. One major reason is the idea of tradition. Traditionally, popes have held office until they die. Another reason is because people become addicted to power, and because they are addicted to this power they will try to rule for as long as they can even if they are not fit for the job.

Before people start yelling at me saying the Pope is infallible, we have to see the fact that he is still human. Whether you believe that the pope directly communicates with God, or if you believe in something else, or nothing at all, we all have to admit that past popes have not always been the best people. So even if they do communicate with God, it does not make them perfect. If you want an example, look at Pope Alexander VI. 

What Pope Benedict does is set a precedent for future popes to resign if they are unfit for their service to the church, which is a great step forward for the Catholic church in general. Whether or not you agree with the Vatican, it is good for the entire world if future popes begin resigning after they are unfit for service to the Catholic church.What this will actually mean for future popes and the world as a whole is unclear, but it certainly looks like a step in the right direction. 

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