Friday, December 7, 2012

Fiscal cliff

One of the major reasons that there has not been much progress on the fiscal cliff is because the republicans believe that Obama and the democrats will give in to avoid the fiscal cliff. The republicans believe that the democrats will budge because they always have in recent events. 

They believe that even though they lost the presidential election they can still act like they won, and can ignore the wishes of the American public. If Obama and the democrats wish to finally convince the American public that they are not just pushovers, they can't give in to the republicans and just cut spending without increasing taxes, even if it means going over the fiscal cliff.  

It appears, though, that the republicans might be willing to compromise, which is a step in the right direction because we can't just have tax increases or just spending cuts. Neither is enough to reduce the deficit. What we have to do is make the tax rate for the wealthy the same as it is for the middle class, and we also have to cut unnecessary spending. 


  1. Why do you think the republicans are willing to compromise? I don't see me they (mostly) appear to just want to stonewall...

  2. Because Republican speaker John Boehner was talking on Wednesday about some revenue coming from the wealthy and because he was as of yesterday working on a plan with Obama.

  3. So maybe something is actually going to HAPPEN. It just seemed like things were stymied for so long by people (of various beliefs) not being willing to concede an iota!

  4. As of earlier today though Boehner was saying that there was no current progress on a plan. At least they are talking though and trying to come to an agreement which is certainly a step in the right direction.