Sunday, December 9, 2012

Syrian conflict on Turkey's border

Russia and China originally stonewalled more U.N. and NATO involvement in Syria because Russia was selling weapons to Syria. From Russia's viewpoint, the longer the war went on the more money they would make. 

Three day ago NATO moved forward with its plan to have Patriot missiles on the border between Turkey and Syria. NATO insists the only reason these missiles are being installed is to protect their ally Turkey. The main reason they have done this is to make sure Syria does not use chemical weapons deployed through missiles against the rebels. NATO is simply using the excuse of protecting Turkey so they can put more pressure on Syria without China and Russia stonewalling them by blocking the countries that are in the U.N. from taking action, effectively cutting off NATO from doing anything even though they are not NATO members. 

Russia said that Moscow would not protest Patriot missiles being put on the border between Turkey and Syria if they were for the defense of Turkey only. The only reason that NATO has the excuse that they are simply protecting Turkish citizens is because five Turkish citizens were killed by a missile that came from Syria, even though most likely that missile was a misfire.

Just hours after NATO set up Patriot missiles on the Syrian border, Russia delivered its first shipment of Iskander missiles to Syria. What NATO did ended up backfiring on them. Its true that there is slightly more pressure on Syria but Syria also now has Iskander which helps the Syrian government immensely.

Iskander missiles are designed to get past missile defense systems. They are of Russian make and are extremely successful at pinpoint accuracy and getting past missile defense systems. 

After NATO said that there were signs that Syria would begin to use chemical weapons against the rebels, Russia stated that the Syrian government had assured them that they would not use chemical weapons against the rebels.However, with the Iskander missiles that Russia sold to Syria they now have a very effective way of attacking the rebels with chemical weapons.  It remains to be seen if they will or not.

Syria is worried that the U.N. will frame them for using chemical weapons against the rebels. It is very likely that the U.N. is trying to find a way to frame Syria because if Syria uses chemical weapons the U.S. will become directly involved in the conflict there.

Russia delivered these missiles to Syria so NATO would not easily be able to shoot down missiles shot in Syria. Russia and China will now continue to stonewall the U.N. and NATO now that Russia is once again selling weapons to Syria. 


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