Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tax increase on wealthy

It seems that the republicans are beginning to consider the option of raising taxes on the wealthy. Republican speaker John Boehner stated on Wednesday that one places we will get revenue will come from the top 2% of Americans. What he proposed was to cut the loopholes for the very rich, effectively raising the amount that they pay on income tax. While it is true that that is not raising the taxes on the wealthy, they will still pay more than they currently pay. 

A full 22,000 households that made more than $1 million in 2009 paid less than 15 percent of their income in income taxes — and 1,470 managed to pay no federal income taxes on their million-plus-dollar incomes, according to the IRS. This is unacceptable, we cannot allow the very rich to pay a smaller percent income tax than the middle class. Many people want there to be a higher income tax rate on the wealthy than there is on the middle class but we can  not let that happen either. If we were to have there be higher tax rates on the wealthy, we would be punishing them by making them pay a higher percent for being successful. We cannot live in a country that punishes success.


  1. This is why I believe a flat tax rate is the best way of doing it. All income should be taxed at the same percentage that way no-one can complain that someone isn't doing their fair share.

  2. I agree Gosbee, make it all clear and there can be no resentment towards anyone at any tax level; we all know though that would be to easy and make too much sense!!!

  3. The only problem with a flat rate is for the very poor that can't afford the tax and afford to live a comfortable life. That is why the poor should pay less on there income tax than the rich and the middle class.

  4. Flat rates would not work, but I have thought of a good solution. What if the rich had an option? They can either pay higher taxes and get to write off expenses or pay lower taxes and take no write offs or loop holes. The poor and middle class don't usually have anything to write off or claim, especially the poor. Give lower taxes to the low and middle class and a choice to the higher. Either way the rich will always try to find a way to keep their money and pay as little as possible while the middle class pays the most. I honestly don't know if there is a way to make it fair or equal without crushing the middleman. There are a lot of good ideas and maybe just maybe if the politicians could pull enough good ideas from several places we just might come up with a good solution n keep the middle class alive for without the middle we have no America.

  5. That might work but what would end up happening is one of the options would never be used because the wealthy will only do what will save them the most money. We would also have to figure out how much the lower taxes would be and how much the higher taxes would be. Like I said in my post we can't have the wealthy pay a higher percent than the middle class because we are just punishing success then.

  6. Which is fine if one option is never used, of course they will always choose the one that saves them the most as would any person. No one likes paying taxes but we all want to live in a nation that is not a third world country. But maybe with the rich feeling like they have options to find the lowest amount to pay would settle some of these rifts. I agree they shouldn't be punished but they should have to pay taxes like the middle class does. I have been both poor and middle class and it is almost better to be poor, when we pay taxes all yr then still have to pay in at the end of tax season takes all of our "extra" income all yr long to be able to pay in April. While the rich have every loop hole, write off and deduction and don't pay in or hardly pay any makes me feel like we are being punished for making it to middle class. We don't have any write offs or help. I feel like making it to middle class in America is successful but we are punished more than all classes.
    We all want to keep as much of our money as possible but I think that the rich should have to pick up some of the slack off of the poor and middle class, not a huge portion but should have to pay in.

    1. I agree the rich should pay taxes the same way the middle class does. What I am saying and it sounds like you agree is that we can't have the wealthy pay more than the middle class.